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About Us

Unique, Hard-to-Find Strollers

StrollerDepot started in 1998 as a family-owned business helping people with those hard-to-find strollers, including double strollers, triples, travel systems, etc. We quickly expanded to European models, high-end fashion strollers, expert-level joggers and travel strollers...we even have a car seat that transforms into a stroller! With large showrooms, expert-mom consultants and plenty of options, you’ll be set with StrollerDepot. 

StrollerDepot is an authorized retailer of premium stroller and car seat brands. We’ve grown a lot since 1998, but helping families is still the heart of our business. Carrying a huge inventory of the best strollers, car seats and baby gear available, we strive to have the items you want, when you want them.


Know The Stroller Before You Buy

Some online retailers see mere pictures of the strollers they sell. Even specialty, baby gear dealers may have only 25-30 strollers assembled for you see; we want you to know the stroller before you buy it, so we have more than 100 models ready to test drive--in one of our showrooms or virtually through a live video call!

Our sales consultants are all moms who regularly work with the strollers and car seats in our showrooms. They aren’t stuck in a call center somewhere. They’re experts with the gear you want; they work with our showroom models often and can answer your difficult questions. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll simply go out to the showroom model and find it.

They know the age and weight capacity of strollers, how each stroller folds, which car seats are compatible with which strollers and the adapters required, which strollers convert to doubles, which have parent-facing or forward-facing configurations and more. We’ve even measured two models, side-by-side to see which one will fit best in a customer’s trunk. Talk with someone who knows: Call 800-533-5392. StrollerDepot will help you know the stroller before you buy it.


It All Started With A Search

In the 1990’s, Rosanne Pitzer was traveling when she saw a unique stroller, car seat combination which she thought was a genius idea. She searched and searched (the old fashion way, this was years before Google) but had a hard time finding one to buy. So she contacted the manufacturer and started StrollerDepot with the goal of making that model available to more families. She soon realized there were other hard-to-find models like quality jogging strollers, double strollers, triplet strollers...and even quad strollers. She knew she needed to expand her product line to help customers find all kinds of uncommon, high-quality strollers.

Today, StrollerDepot carries more than 50 of the highest-quality, premium stroller and car seat brands. And yes, some models are still the hard to the Doona infant car seat stroller. We offer something else that’s often hard to find: Excellent customer service and an opportunity to truly try a stroller before you buy it. Most retailers expect customers to spend several hundreds of dollars to buy a stroller after seeing a few pictures, reading a list of features or seeing it on a self. We want you to know the stroller before you buy. We’ll even give you a virtual test drive, via live video call, if you don’t live near one of our showrooms.